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Frederick Noronha (FN) fred at bytesforall.org
Mon Apr 24 22:34:46 BST 2006

PAKISTAN AND INDIA: Gora Mohanty <gora_mohanty at yahoo.co.in>
in New Delhi has been discussing issues with Fouad
<bajwa at fossfp.org> in Lahore, and here are some highlights
that might be of interest to others too:

GORA MOHANTY: You might recall that we had some email
conversations regarding Urdu localization of OpenOffice. I
was very pleased to see your continued interest in
localization, and to hear from Ravikant about his interaction
with you. Karunakar and I work with Ravikant at Sarai on
Indic language computing.

It would be nice to form this consortium, and I would suggest
that Urdu localization be the initial focus of this

Some progress has been made on Urdu localization: 1. There
are now GPL-licensed Urdu fonts from an organization called
PakType. 2. CDAC, Pune has localized the OpenOffice 2.0 user
interface into Urdu, though there are some issues with the
drop-down selection boxes for a LTR language. 3. We have
started work on a Hindi-Urdu transliterator, which can help
by allowing a first-approximation transliteration from Hindi
to Urdu, that can then be reviewed by an Urdu speaker. This
way, we can take immediate advantage of the large amount of
Hindi localization work that has already been completed. So,
let us talk about how we can get this work started.

FOUAD RIAZ BAJWA: [RE PAKTYPE] Yes I have heard about them
and we will bring them to the consortium and mailing lists!
[ON CDAC-PUNE LOCALISATION and URDU] Yes we discussed this in
detail but Ravikant had reservations about them, although I
consider it as a starting point for us. [ON HINDI-URDU
TRANSLITERATOR] This is a grand endeavor, in fact if your
group is successful in its implementation, similar work can
be done for other regional languages in our and your region,
we have over 70 regional languages even though I only know
about nearly 10!

We are already online and in this together now my friend, the
mailing list is the first step, collection of all regional
localization efforts are the second step, coordinating and
forming a Regional Language Localization Task Force under the
consortium would be also be a good step forward.

Let's begin, here is the work and concept of the Ubuntu-Linux
and Open Office in Urdu Language that we created last year
and successfully ran it on over 16 systems, the team is
broken as the person responsible for fonts left for his PhD
to France and the other team leader is in his preparations
for Germany, so the project is almost lifeless at the moment
but this consortium will give it life.

1. FOSSFP Urdu Language Localization Project - ULLP

2. Urdu Linux Localization Project Presentation

3. Urdu Linux Localization Project Steps


4. Urdu Linux Localization Project Brochure

The Ubuntu-Linux team agreed to include it from their
launchpad if we complete it and the next step would be to
make a Linux Distribution from the consortium platform that
covers our need of carrying all of our
regional/sub-regional/indigenous languages towards computing.
What would our vision be of creating Urdu/Hindi glossaries,
Ravi was discussing something about glossaries....

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