[Apc-foss] ZDNet: Fedora seeks women developers...

Al Alegre alalegre at fma.ph
Wed Aug 2 06:01:12 BST 2006

(apologies if you get this more than once)
(See: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Women ; has links as well to ubuntu women,
linuxchix, debian women project, gnome women, kde women)

Fedora seeks women developers
Tom Espiner
July 31, 2006, 17:15 BST

The project is trying to attract female coders, but some members of the FOSS
community doubt it will be a success


The open source community is once again trying to attract women.

Open source project Fedora has launched Fedora Women, a forum and mailing list,
in an effort to encourage more female developers to participate in the

"Women who are interested in working with the Fedora Project can work with
Fedora Women to get started," explained the Fedora Web site.

Fedora Women aims to support the existing community of women coders through a
dedicated discussion arena and mailing list for women involved in the project.

"A large portion of the Fedora user base is made up of women. They are often
under-represented within the community, with many people not even realising how
big a share of the community they are. The Fedora Women programme aims to
improve that representation and to provide a forum for the women of the Fedora
community," said Fedora.

News of the launch has provoked lively discussion among the free and open source
software (FOSS) community as to why women are under-represented.

"If women, or men, want to develop FOSS, then that's great. If they don't, then
encouraging them to do so... really won't help," said one reader on technology
Web site Slashdot.

" I suspect that a number of women have tried to get involved, but been repulsed
by the community," the post continued, in a reference to allegations of sexism
and online abuse in the OpenBSD community.

Other open source projects have tried to encourage more women to get involved in
programming. In 2005, Apache Software Foundation set up a new mailing list in
the hope of increasing the participation of women in its open-source projects,
while in 2004 Debian set up the Debian Women group to encourage the
participation of women in Debian's development.

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